Take Action

So what can you do?

Call the Mayor

Ray Stephanson can be reached at 425-257-7115

Mayor Stephanson was involved in the process since at least early May 2012 and as the top official in the city he has the ability to reverse this poor decision and implement a solution that will truly result in “the greater good being served.”

Call Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts can be reached at 425-257-8781

Councilman Roberts does not appear to have been involved in the process leading up to this decision, but as both an Everett City Councilmember and a Sound Transit Boardmember, he is uniquely positioned to set things right in this situation.

Call Them Again

Bob Dobler convinced the city to make a decision that put his interests above those of the citizens of Everett by incessantly calling, emailing, writing, and meeting with city officials. If you want the city to re-open the stop, fight fire with fire—call every day until they change their minds.