False Claim #1

CLAIM: The City of Everett received many complaints about nearby parking from local businesses.

REALITY: Records indicate a grand total of four individuals who contacted the city to complain about parking. However, one individual—Bob Dobler, owner of Gateway Center—complained to the city about the stop fourteen times in the course of just six months.

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False Claim #2

CLAIM: Posted rider alerts requesting that commuters not park on surrounding streets had no effect.

REALITY: Merely by posting a notice politely requesting that commuters not park in legal, free, unlimited street parking, vacant parking spaces on streets surrounding the stop increased fivefold from 3 to 17. "No effect" is not the same as "not enough of an effect to placate Bob Dobler."

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False Claim #3

CLAIM: "The greater good is being served by our request to eliminate that stop" – Mayor Stephanson, Snohomish Tribune, 10/03/2012

REALITY: Numerous officials with the City of Everett and Sound Transit agreed that the best solution would be to install time-limited parking on surrounding streets, but instead the city decided to close the stop based entirely on the persistent demands from a single neighboring business owner: Bob Dobler.

[view emails from City Engineer Ryan Sass, Director of Transportation Tom Hingson, and Executive Director Pat McClain]